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MRG Perth Amboy

Roles: Lawyer
Activities: Accept cases for representation
Area of Law: Prisoner Issues and Reentry
Participating Organization: Legal Services of New Jersey
Summary: Seeking immediate placement Client is seeking the expungement because she want to apply to become a caretaker for her mother through the state. She is concerned about being denied because of her record. Client needs assistance with expunging her criminal record. That record consists of two indictable convictions (deriving from one incident), a disorderly persons conviction, and a dismissed offense. Client was charged with theft by deception (welfare fraud) on 6/3/98. That charge was dismissed on 7/14/00 by the Middlesex County Superior Court. Two years later, Client was charged with burglary, conspiracy, and escape by leaving the police station where she had been taken. She pled guilty to conspiracy and escape on 8/27/02. Client was sentenced to 5-years probation (and incarcerated for 118 days). That same year, 2002, Client was arrested for possession of CDS.. She pled guilty on 7/11/02. She was not fined but was incarcerated for 46 days. Client completed her probation on 8/31/06 and all fines were paid. Client subsequently filed for expungement in November 2019. By letter of 2/18/20 the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s office objected to the expungement because it did not include all information on the petition and proposed order. She was later told by that office that she can file an amendment and the office will hold her paperwork until she does so. She is unsure how to do so and would like assistance.

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Phone: 732-572-9100; Fax: 732-572-0066
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Name : Janet Ashley-Naouli
Email : [email protected]
Phone : 732-572-9100 ext: 8245

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