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JK Morristown

Roles: Lawyer
Activities: Accept cases for representation
Area of Law: Prisoner Issues and Reentry
Participating Organization: Legal Services of New Jersey
Summary: Client needs assistance in expunging his record. Client has four resolved matters. There was an arrest in New Brunswick for public urination to which he pled guilty (6/13/94) and another in Manasquan for alcohol in public (guilty plea: 1/2/96). In each of these matters, Client paid the appropriate fines. On 7/13/18, Client was arrested for shoplifting small, inexpensive food items in Morristown. He paid the fine and was admitted to, and successfully completed, the pre-trial intervention (PTI) program, after which the case was dismissed on 10/9/18. Client has more recent matter heard in Hanover/Florham Park. He was arrested for harassment and resisting arrest. Client pled to resisting arrest (8/17/16) - a disorderly persons offense - and the harassment charge was dismissed by the prosecutor. But there is a five year bar to expunging matters and this last plea occurred within the five year period. So Client can file for an expungement now, which he would prefer to do, because he feels that the shoplifting matter has been a bar to his obtaining employment. But if there is an objection to his expungement, he can then either amend his expungement application to remove the disorderly persons matter (thus filing for a partial expungement) or request an adjournment until he is eligible to also expunge the disorderly persons offense. Client feels that he cannot represent himself.

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