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SJ Hamilton Twp. Mercer County

Roles: Lawyer
Activities: Accept cases for representation
Area of Law: Other
Participating Organization: Legal Services of New Jersey
Summary: Client needs assistance in obtaining title to the house that she was awarded sole possession and ownership of as part of her divorce judgment. Client and her then-husband were deeded a house in May, 1999. They signed a note and gave a mortgage to Client’s mother, the prior owner. The couple divorced 12 year later (June, 2011), and Client was awarded sole possession and ownership of the house. Client’s ex-husband was ordered to sign a Quit Claim Deed that was to be prepared by Client’s divorce lawyer. However, no Quit Claim Deed was prepared and none was ever recorded. Almost nine years later (January, 2020), after the death of Client’s mother, the Executrix of the mother’s estate (who is also Client’s sister) filed a foreclosure action against Client and her ex-husband. In April, Client’s ex-husband and his current wife signed a deed that purported to transfer their interest in the property to the estate’s Executrix. The deed was recorded in the Clerk’s office the following month (May, 2020). In August, a consent order was signed by counsel for the ex-husband and by the estate’s Executrix in the foreclosure action voiding the April, 2020 deed. That consent order has not been recorded. In November, 2020 a tax bill is mailed to the estate’s Executrix . Online tax records of the municipality (Hamilton Township) list the Executrix as owner of the property. Counsel for the Executrix claims that he had no idea that Client’s ex-husband was going to draft or record the April 2020 Deed. This happened without their knowledge or consent. They had received the Judgment of Divorce in discovery and understood that Client’s ex-husband did not have any legal interest in the property to deed to the Executrix. Counsel for the Executrix also said that they had prepared a proposed deed - deeding the property from Client and her ex-husband to Client alone – and sent it to the ex-husband’s lawyer. They were hoping he would sign it and then they could send it for Client’s signature, thus rectifying the title issue. Counsel for the Executrix recently advised that they have not received back the signed deed nor heard from the ex-husband’s attorney. Client would like to have clear title to the property. LSNJ has assisted her with part of this matter, but would like a pro bono attorney to represent her in fixing the title issue.

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Name : Janet Ashley-Naouli
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