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AP Paterson Passaic County

Roles: Lawyer
Activities: Accept cases for representation
Area of Law: Tenancy
Participating Organization: Legal Services of New Jersey
Summary: Client is SPANING SPEAKING ONLY, and has issues with her tenants breaking the lease agreement and not paying rent. Issues began because tenants have 8 dogs and 3 cats living with them that are destroying the property. Neighbors complained to client that tenants and their animals are "out of control." Client went to inspect the property on 10/4/21 and saw it was infested with flies and animal waste. The dogs also destroyed the floors which were recently renovated. On 10/5, Client notified tenant in writing that tenant needed to rectify the issues or vacate the property. Client followed up the written notice with certified mail explaining the same. Since giving tenant written notice to fix the issues or vacate, their relationship has soured. Tenants have not paid November or December rent, and still owe January rent as well. In addition, tenant notified client of a "plumbing issue." Client attempted to send 3 different plumbers to property to assess the issue, and tenant would not answer the door. Once a plumber was able to get inside, it was discovered a 2x4 piece of wood was jammed into the sewer pipe so far down that the plumber would need to break into the concrete to fix it. The cost of repair was quoted at $4200. Client believes tenant purposefully shoved the 2x4 down the sewer pipe so he could claim a plumbing issue and withhold rent. Tenant called the Board of Health and claimed the apartment smelled due to the sewer issue. Client believes the animal waste throughout the home is contributing to the smell as well. Client relayed that animal control has been called to the home numerous times, and that their tenants also have an open case with DCP&P. Client believes the neighbors called DCP&P on the tenants. Tenants have a newborn child living with them among all the animals and their waste. Client filed an eviction action on 11/16/21 for breaking the lease and nonpayment of rent and also filed a $10,000 civil action for damage to the property and back rent in early December.

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