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Please complete the following information about your organization. This information will be included on your organization's profile page and will be visible to all participants who have created a profile with PRO BONO NJ.
  This email address will serve as the primary username “log in” for your organization and will be the email address used for communication from ProBonoNJ.
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As a PRO BONO NJ organization you will be able to:

  • Create your organization’s page
  • Add events and trainings for pro bono volunteers
  • Create pro bono cases and opportunities
  • Participate in discussions with EForums
  • Upload documents and other materials to the RCenter


Please provide the name and email address of one person who will serve as your organization's main contact person. This person will receive email updates and also be the person responsible for updating your organization's home page. Read our terms of use for more details.

First Name*   Last Name*  
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Email Address*    
  This email address will be visible on your web page and used by the public to contact your organization. This email address can be the same email address used above.

*A. Describe briefly, in the space provided, the portion of your organization's mission devoted to providing civil legal assistance to people of limited means (defined as those persons with income at zero or below 250% of the federal poverty level.) if your organization does not provide direct legal assistance to low-income people, please describe briefly the public interest work it undertakes that benefits such people, either directly or indirectly. 

*Has your organization been approved by the NJ Supreme Court under R. 1:21-1(e)? 

*Are attorneys who certify they have performed at least 25 hours of pro bono services for your organization exempt from mandatory Madden v. Delran pro bono assignments?  


Members can search for organizations with similar skills and interest. Please check all that apply to your organization.

*(a) What roles are available for pro bono volunteers within your organization? 

*(b) Which activities can volunteers interested in your organization engage in? 

*(c) Select the area(s) your organization serves.

*(d) In what areas of law does your organization currently provide pro bono legal assistance? 

Immigration and Naturalization




Housing/Landlord Tenant


Public Benefits/Entitlements


*(e) What support and/or service does your organization provide to pro bono volunteers? 

(f) If your organization limits its services to certain groups of clients, please check those that apply.


*Does your organization screen clients for financial eligibility based on their income or assets?

*Does your organization have a maximum income cutoff - a means test - based on the federal poverty level (FPL) for a portion of its pro bono services? 

If yes, please check the maximum income level your organization uses:

Does your organization consider assets in its eligibility determination for a portion of its pro bono services?

If yes, briefly describe in the space provided your organization’s policy on eligibility for pro bono services based on assets.

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