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Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs provide general information about pro bono opportunities in New Jersey. For information about a specific pro bono organization in NJ, go to the participating organization directory.

Q: How do I register and enroll with MY PROBONONJ?


This video demonstrates how to register and enroll with PROBONONJ. Click Here.

Q: How do I find a program or organization that will match my interests with clients needing pro bono assistance?


Register on PROBONONJ and search the opportunities listed on the particpating organizations page to find those that are most interesting to you.

Q: What type of volunteer opportunities other than litigation are offered for pro bono?


Types of opportunities vary by organization. Examine the profiles of organizations that interest you by going to the participating organization directory.

Q: Will I be covered by malpractice insurance?


This depends upon the participating organizations with which you work. A number offer malpractice coverage. View the participating organization profiles on this website.

Q: How will costs and expenses be covered?


This varies by organization. Please see the participating organization profiles on this website. State court filing fees are waived by court rule for organizations providing free civil legal assistance to indigent people.

Q: Where can I learn more about the need for pro bono in New Jersey?


Read about the Civil Legal Assistance Gap at

Q: Will accepting pro bono assignments qualify me for an exemption from a mandatory “Madden” assignment?


Nearly all participating organizations qualify for Madden exemptions. Please see the participating organization profiles on this website for details as to which organizations are eligible.

Q: Can I get NJ CLE credit for providing pro bono assistance?


NJ court rules currently do not provide CLE credit for pro bono work, but CLE credits are available for training received by pro bono attorneys under the auspices of a qualifying participating organization.

Q: What types of resources are available to pro bono attorneys?


PROBONONJ, will give you notice of training and recognition events, access to LSNJ's online RCenter research capacity,the ability to participate in forums (listservs) with experts in all major areas of poverty law, and much more. Participating organizations may offer additional resources.

Q: How are pro bono referrals made?


Each participating organization has its own procedures. Check the participating organizations profile on this website and talk with organizations you are considering.

Q: Are the clients and cases screened for merit?


Most participating organizations screen their clients for financial eligibility and case merit before making referrals. You should discuss specifics with the particular participating organization.

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