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National Pro Bono Week


2020 National Celebration of Pro Bono Week
October 25-31, 2020

Legal Services of New Jersey invites you to join us in celebrating the legal services providers, law firms, corporations, individual lawyers and others who work together to help meet the needs of those requiring legal assistance.

Notably, for many attorneys in New Jersey pro bono is not limited to one annual, weeklong celebration. Rather, it is a long-term commitment of energy, enthusiasm, talent, training and time. Understanding the professional responsibility of RPC 6.1 “to render public interest legal service”, these lawyers have incorporated that responsibility into their legal practice. Their contributions to secure equal justice for those who are not otherwise able to afford legal help is exemplary, upholding the highest ideals of our profession.

For those new to pro bono, and, perhaps, to practicing law, the National Celebration is an opportunity to discover what so many of your colleagues already know; the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment derived from providing pro bono legal assistance. During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic—when many have died and many more have become ill, when businesses have closed, jobs were lost and bankruptcies are imminent, when housing is threatened and evictions are looming—the need for such assistance is particularly acute.

But there is no one “right time” to become a pro bono lawyer; it is any time. By doing so you can help close the “justice gap,” the gap between individuals who need and financially qualify for legal assistance and those who actually receive it. That gap is widening; too many individuals and families cannot have their legal needs met because there are still too few lawyers and other resources available to them. To this end, Legal Services of New Jersey invites you to partner with the programs of the statewide Legal Services network in providing pro bono assistance to our respective clients.

The National Celebration is a time when the entire legal community joins together in mutual recognition of the hard pro bono work our community has done. So, to the many lawyers who have helped our clients and those of other providers; please accept out grateful thanks and acknowledgement of your services. And to those of you considering whether and how to help, please accept our invitation.

Doing so can be a life affirming professional experience for you, and a life changing event for a client in need. All are beneficiaries.

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